Characteristics, Personality, Rhythm, and Flow

For September 23, 2021

The font that’s lucky enough to have been chosen by me is VAG rounded! I started out by jotting down some adjectives.

The, I got into some research for my short essay. It has a really interesting history, actually! All of the examples I’ve seen from this project in the past focused on, like, 300-year-old serif fonts, so it’s interesting to focus on a 40-year-old font that’s gunning to be neither serif nor sans serif (though in practice it behaves more like the latter).

Exploring visual hierarchy in text

For September 9, 2021 (Experiments 1–6)

For our next project, we’ll be examining visual hierarchy in text, starting out with some experiments of basic hierarchy using text that we will later be using to make a poster.

I picked something from the “music” stack, which turned out to be information for a little avant-garde music festival The Warhol puts on in the fall. First off, I started by annotating it per the questions presented in class; what’s important to know as the end user? What will draw the crowd in? What’s this event about? …

Overview of The Atlantic in print and online

Chelsea, Jessica and I will be analyzing The Atlantic magazine. Since I ended up being the “print and web” person, we decided I could tackle the more macro view of the whole publication (ie the lines between print and online), while Chelsea and Jessica each took a more micro view at the online and print forms of The Atlantic.

I was vaguely familiar with The Atlantic before this project; I’ve seen it around in libraries and on people’s coffee tables, but flipping through the magazine and jotting down some notes in my…

Making Seashell and Mouse forms for Design Lab

For April 22, 2021

I started out by doing some sketches of my chosen seashell to try to get an idea of the form and its details. Unlike many of the other shells it seems other people are using, mine is more of a scoop shape than a spiral, so I found it a bit difficult to break it down into more simple forms, since it already is pretty simple.

Studies of typography for Collaborative Visualizing

For March 31, 2021

I finally figured out a grid system for the K that I think works. I tried gridding it out over a square divided into quarters and into thirds, but the proportional grid that I made by fitting the K in a rectangle and creating lines at vertices and intersections works much better for quickly creating the form of the letter. Very roughly, it’s about three units wide and five units tall.

Creating an After Effects animation of the Barton Springs Salamander

For March 30, 2021

I started out the whole animation process by cracking into some After Effects tutorials on LinkedIn, since I am, on the whole, completely unfamiliar with this software and have used it for nothing before. I have a base level of knowledge with keyframes and basic principles of keyframe animation, but I’m still at a fundamental loss as to how to link vector graphics to each other instead of having a bunch of unrelated moving parts, and I’m also not sure about how I’m going to do…

Creating a poster in Illustrator for the Barton Springs Salamander

For March 16, 2021

We’re onto the next segment of our project, which is making a poster in Illustrator! Our first task was to thumbnail as many iterations as we could, so I got to work with a ballpoint pen.

During class, we talked briefly about wanting to make the poster from the animal’s point of view, so though I played with the idea of having a “zoom in” bubble to show the salamander in the context of the habitat we’re familiar with, I instead decided to go with showing…

Creating a project based on the Barton Creek Salamander

For February 25, 2021

After a decision-making process that took entirely longer than it should have, I’ve settled on the Barton Springs Salamander, a species of salamander that’s endemic to only the Barton Springs pool area in Austin (my hometown). I’ve had interest in them ever since learning about them on elementary school field trips to the aquifer, and I think it might be a cool species to call attention to, since most people obviously don’t know much about them. …

Drawing the Human Figure

For February 22, 2021

For the first part of the assignment, we were assigned to do some expressive gesture and figure drawings, going off of the expressive nature of the sound drawings we just finished. I drew mainly Shannon and my other housemate Belle, along with a few sketches of Catherine. I tried to keep them pretty loose, but I’ve not done many gesture drawings before. I think it’s a good start, however!

I tried out marker on my sketchbook and prisma sticks on a newsprint pad to give myself some different scale options.

Using modules with set rules to make a larger whole!

For February 4, 2021

I did some research for inspiration, and as usual, I started by looking around in the natural world. I was initially drawn to looking at coral, which consists of lots of tiny individual animals collectively creating an exoskeleton that houses the whole colony, and those kinds of fungi that grow on trees and sort of look like you frisbee-d a worbly pancake into a tree so hard that it stuck, since the mushrooms nest together with each other.

With some ideas flowing, I then pulled out…

Samantha Rauch

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